Thursday, December 10, 2009

Salve a Ti Nicaragua

Long ass time huh? Well, as most of you already know from reading my facebook, I was robbed again when my friend came in July for a visit. We were asked to go out for Chinese food by some of my community English students, and then we went out and had a few drinks, and by the time we got home, I realized that we had been robbed. So this is why I have not had any access to a laptop to write. So The name of this blog is called “Salve a ti Nicaragua”. Thank god school is done with, and the summer vacation has just begun!! I had had it with the students….eeekkss. That’s all Im going to say. I will soon be going home for Christmas (and for the first time since coming here last May) and I am so excited. It will be nice to see all of the friends at home (which a huge party better happen. I’m talking like stretch limo, and paid paparazzi and shit!) It will also be nice to see the family as well. It’s weird to know that when I come home (back to Nicaragua) I will only have 6 months left, and that’s just sad. Ive been here for quite some time, but it has flown by unbelievably fast! Weird to think that this place (where I have been living the last 18 months) will only be a memory in just a few months. I’ve gotten so used to living here and used to the way they live, it’s crazy to think that I will be returning back to Wisconsin, and have to jump back into my old life. Geeesh. So, I’ve been recently thinking about trying to find a job here in Nicaragua, so I can spend more time here, and possibly experience things that I have yet to experience, and other possibilities there are for me. Who knows if I will feel the same way in 6 months, but that’s where I am as of right now. Recently, we had an AVC (All Volunteer Conference) in Managua. All of the volunteers came to meet each other, and go to different presentations from different volunteers from different sectors. Liz and I were asked to give a presentation on current events, and what volunteers may have missed since coming to Nicaragua. I think we were selected because we are the best S.O.Bing presenters on the face of the earth, CLARO! It was a hit, and I think we did so well that I think I even saw a few tears out there, but enough about how awesome we are. The last night of the conference, there was a talent show, and we were in it!! How did I get dragged into it? Well sit back and relax, and I’ll tell you how. Another volunteer came up from the South and spent the weekend in Granada, which means a welcoming party was in order. We walked down “La Calzada” and found a restaurant serving 2 X 1 (DOS POR UNO, BABY!!!) so we sat and caught up for a a short “all-nighter”. Riding back to Liz and Dianne’s house in the taxi, and singing “CELOS, TENGO CELOS” to the radio; someone started singing “Beat It” by Michael Jackson. Upon entering the house, we all started singing the song and began to throw out Michael Jackson moves, we thought we knew. I looked over at Shyra, and I saw the light bulb go off in her head. The then informed us about the email she had received about the talent show for AVC. Then and there the NICA 47, “Beat It” performance idea was born. After hours of back breaking learning, and practicing, we were ready for the performance. I will try to add a link right here so you can see the video. Its pretty hilarious!! We pretty much brought the house down, and will probably be asked to travel across the world as, quite possibly, the best “Michael Jackson cover back up dancers” in the history of back up dancers. But don’t take my word for it…. Ba dum dum. That night was a major shit show, that’s all I’m going to say. Recently I have been hanging out with my new wife, Fatima. I met her through a mutual friend of ours, and ever since then she has fallen in love with me. I helped her and Juan move into their new house, and required a lot of work. (IN A NUT SHELL… Fatima got beat up by thieves at her old house and she needed to live with a strong, manly man.) We had to clean her house for a party for her birthday, that was being thrown on the very day they moved into the house. Impossible task you ask? Hellz nah. Not for me and Fatima. We cleaned that house like 2 Merry Maids cleaners on a kilo of blow. (Metaphor of hilarity and in no way explains the quickness of the cleaning) We had the chairs and tables brought to the house and we threw that together faster than you can sing Ba Ba Ra Ba Ba Ba Ga Ga Ra Ba Ba Ba (inside joke Fatima). The party was a huge success! Except for the fact that they guy who was supposed to bring the music, forgot it. Then to my delight someone had brought a guitar, and I thought the night was saved. While moving in my chair, to hear the music better, he began to bust out all this music that made my ears bleed, I instantly walked back to the jungle juice in the 30 gallon blue cooler and refilled my cup. After everyone had left, we went out to the disco and had a wonderful night! The next few weeks before I go home, I will be very busy. I offered to help a fellow volunteer at the English summer camp in her town. This morning I went to Masatepe and began the workshops we are giving the teachers today, tomorrow, and Thursday before the English camp starts next week. I’m kind of excited because I will very busy so I won’t think about coming home so much. Ok maybe I will. Yeah, I will. Oh yeah, a couple of weeks ago, when my friend Tessa came and visited me, my mom called and let me know that someone had gotten my check card from the States, and stole all my money. It shocked me because I had the check card still on me. After talking to the Peace Corps security coordinator, we decided that my card had been cloned from an ATM machine, or when I used it to buy something at the store. I had to call the bank from here and wait on hold for a customer service rep, and try to figure out what the hell was going on. I had to go through the history of my usage and then fill out a discrepancy form to argue the charges. Found out some one in Managua, now has a brand new $931.17 computer; hope they enjoy it. So I have the money back, PROVISIONALLY, and I hope they don’t take it back. I got a new site mate, she’s cool, but not as cool as me, which may cause problems in the future. Sometimes I have to steal a quote from Liz to remind her and say, “I’m better than you, so get over it!” She knows now. Well Tengo sueƱo ( I have sleepyness) See you all later! Have Happy Holidays, and a great NEW YEAR!!!!


Paul said...

Wow. Wall of text. I know exactly what you mean about being better than your sitemate, though ;). JK, claro.

Not really.

Jk again.

Paul said...

Good blog..Been waiting for one for a very long time. Things have changed and as you said finding something there, might be a great idea. The world in different areas of culture will help to nurture the idea of being Nicaraguan. In my personal belief I think you have already obtained that in many ways. Keep up the great work...